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Creative Ideas for Artists

My name is Mark Ed and I’m happy to share with you, creative ideas for artists, and share what inspires me to create. I work with art materials to create paintings and sculpture, as well as instruments, such as piano, trumpet and steel drum to create songs. I’ve found that music and art (not only 2 and 3 dimensional), but performing arts such as dance and theatre, bring people together hopefully to hear, watch and enjoy.

Creative Ideas for Artists
Creative Ideas for Artists

But how do you make something new? Why should we when there is so much art and music, plays and books already in this world? Well, it’s because artists have no other choice, it is like breathing. It is a constant quest to look for, and hear beauty, and even though I think that I have seen it, or read it, or heard those beautiful compositions, they can become very new, in certain moments of our life.

I would like to discuss the creative process for artists in the making of a song, or a piece of sculpture, or a painting. First comes the initial idea, usually for me it is because I’d like to see something new. Looking at old ideas and paintings that I’ve done as well as the many paintings that I’ve studied from other artists can inspire my new work. Certainly I don’t want to forge or copy, however, I find some merit in that field of reproduction because of the keen observation from the masters’ work. And, we learn from the Masters. However, there is a time to be original and express your true self. Also, re-tracing or copying the same lines of composition and color palette from any given master allows the person or apprentice or student that is interested to somehow channel that artist for maybe a few moments. It is fun, and definitely worthwhile for anyone who wants to learn and expand their ability.

Creative ideas for artists involve a great deal of observation, concentrating on the work itself, watching it closely before your eyes change, almost immediately by the impulses of your hand holding the color on the brush. To see the change is magical. And, as the moments turn to hours, this process repeats over and over again. And nobody, unless they’re watching, really sees all that is beneath a painting—very much like a well-tailored suit, or a good pair of shoes.

In this blog I expect to discuss creative ideas for artists and how they relate to you. I want to encourage you to create. I would like to interview other fellow artists and get their views on a variety of topics to have an educational dialogue. We learn from the work we’ve done as well as studying the work from others. And it is always good to learn something new.

Some common questions for artists:

What is your favorite color?

It is a common question and I have answered Blue so many times, but, what shade of Blue? However, what would Blue be without Green next to it? Red would not be vibrant if Green wasn’t next to it either. It is like listening to a Clarinet for hours without a French Horn, or another instrument next to it.

I have no favorite color, I do love them all the same, because they are there, just like the instruments in the orchestra. Variety is so important, look at wildlife, trees, people…and variety is natural. Variety is born into life.

Artists get a thrill when things “come to life.” They feel that sometimes they didn’t have anything to do with it. It just happened. There are so many methods, and, sometimes the artist cannot distinguish them apart because they have all blended to an unstoppable inspiring time. The time it takes to create is ongoing.

How long did it take you to make that?

That is really a funny question. Some friends have told me to say “Ah, I don’t really know, I’m not good at Math.” Others have said: “Just say your age.” But, seriously, if you are always thinking about your next project, which is part of Creative Ideas for Artists—well, that’s a long time.

What do you think the color(s) of 2024 will be? I think the colors used in apparel and accents will be Pink, Orange, and Red.

Mark Ed

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